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Are all your services on a monthly retainer?

No, we are happy to undertake individual projects such as logo design, flyer design, website build on a per-project basis.

What are your rates?

All of our projects are quoted up front, there are very few exceptions.

An example of an exception could be if a customer is asking us to update their current website and it requires extra work not included in the original proposal.

Anything outside of the original project scope will always have prior notification and an estimated timeframe / price for approval before being completed.

Do you sub-contract all of your work?

The majority of our work is completed in-house. We have design, web and marketing teams working on projects led by our project managers.

We do outsource work such as print, signage and exhibition stands.We only work with companies that we’ve built a relationship with, these companies have been carefully selected because they offer quality and reliability.

Do you offer daily rates?

Yes, if you’re looking to hire a marketing expert to come into your business, we offer half and daily rates.

Whilst there they will complete any marketing tasks required for the fixed daily fee. These fees are available upon request.

When will you bill me?

All our monthly contracts are billed a month in advance.

Projects are billed 50% in advance, 50% upon completion unless otherwise stated in your written proposal.

Daily and half daily rates require full payment in advance

Am I tied into a contract?

If you are on a monthly contract, these are usually short and last between 3-6 months. If you commit to a monthly contract, you are tied in for that period and cancellation fees may apply if you wish to cancel.

Can you work from our offices?

Yes we can. If you want us to work from your office, you must stipulate this at the proposal stage as additional fees apply.

We are happy to work from your office anywhere in Dorset.

Can you get me to number 1 in Google

It is possible to gain a number 1 ranking in Google, but there are many aspects to consider. Talk to us and let’s discuss your business.

What do you mean by channel?

A channel used in marketing terms is a place where your messaged is delivered. For example a website is a marketing channel, email marketing is another.

There are many channels and not every one will suit your business or campaign.

A channel is used to deliver your message to your target customers.

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